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Flex desk or dedicated desk?

Which one is right for you?

Coworking spaces offer you different membership plans to suit your business needs. One such example is getting a dedicated desk or a flex desk. Note: Many coworking spaces refer to flex desks as hot desks.

A lot of self-employed workers prefer to have their own fixed space to work. It gives them the flexibility to arrange their workspace to maximize productivity and customize their surroundings.

No matter what membership level you choose, the coffee is free and hot all day.

Let’s compare, shall we?

What is the best membership plan for your business? 

Flex desking is a flexible membership plan where you can sit at any desk to work but do not have any permanent place to call your own. On the other hand, a dedicated desk allows you to have a desk of your own permanently. The dedicated desk at RiverWorks has a desk file drawer that locks for your security. A flex desk membership doesn’t allow the patron to store any materials.

Flex desks are cheaper than dedicated desks because you are not occupying the space permanently. Flex desking allows you to use the space for as long as you want and only pay either a daily or monthly rate.

It depends on your business

If you are a remote business that rarely needs a desk to conduct a meeting, a flex desk is a suitable option for you. Being a monthly flex desk user, your monthly rate ensures that you will always have a place to work at RiverWorks, but it won’t always be the same desk.

Dedicated Desks | Flex Desks

But, if you are a full-time freelancer or a startup that needs to plan strategies and meetings on an ongoing basis, a dedicated desk will serve you best. Your dedicated desk provides consistency and a lockable filing cabinet for all your business needs.

As your business changes, your workspace can change

If you’re in the beginning stages of developing your business, flex desks allow you the ability to network with other members sitting in the same space at any particular time. However, once your business starts growing, a dedicated desk that is yours alone with a locked file cabinet will be better suited for your needs. The dedicated desk doesn’t need reservations every time you want to come by to work. 

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