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Podcast Room

Create & record your work without the hassle

Podcasts are a great way to build a genuine connection with your audience. They allow you to catch your audience’s attention with distinctive long-form content. Listening to podcasts is more convenient than blog posts; people can listen to podcasts while doing their everyday mundane tasks, working out, driving, chores, etc.


Build a connection with your audience.

The numbers have it

Currently, there are almost 600 million blogs and 23 million YouTube channels, but only 800,000 podcasts in Apple Podcasts.

Affordable and easy

RiverWorks offers a publicly available podcast studio at an affordable rate. For only $40/hour ($20/hour for members), all you need to bring is your computer or micro SD card and yourself to capture a high-quality recording with our fully-equipped studio.

Booking the podcast room gives you full access to the sound-isolated studio and audio equipment. You record to your laptop and take home the raw audio from your session.

NOTE: Once you have booked the podcast room, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a download of instructions on how to prepare your laptop.

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